Pine Coffin

Price: $1,200

A plain Pine box unfinished interior with bottom padding and pillow, allowing a fresh pine aroma. Our most popular model. We use shredded wood for padding and 100% natural, unbleached cotton muslin fabric for the cover.

Size built to order.

Pine Coffin


>two piece lid

Two piece lid allows for viewing on either side of coffin

coffin fully open

Lid also opens fully for body placement

Strong and beautiful mitered corners


secured latches

Simple and secure lid latches

coffin wood grain

Wood grain carries through entire lid

Red Cedar Coffin

Price: $1,500

A wide shouldered
aromatic Red Cedar coffin.

Unfinished interior with bottom padding and pillow, allowing a fresh Cedar aroma

Red Cedar Coffin

Walnut Coffin

Price: $2,100

Walnut Coffin Open


A wide shouldered solid Walnut coffin with lined sides and bottom. A traditional design at a reasonable price.

Walnut Coffin Closed

A note about our coffins.

It is a simple fact of life, that the one piece of furniture every one of us will eventually need, is a coffin. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that this product is one I can produce for much less than most people expect to pay.

This phase of our work actually began as a request from one of our good customers. His father-in-law requested a hand-made wooden coffin before he died. We were happy to provide the service, being familiar with it already
in our Amish-Mennonite community.

For those who plan ahead, face terminal illness, or simply prefer something more natural, we can offer a unique and affordable option.


Burial Shrouds

burial shroud info

For more information contact:

Nancy Rosalee

Telephone: 568-7597

burial shroud

Along with our coffins, I want to introduce you to a local business lady who sews burial shrouds. These are an excellent alternative to coffins (unless you wish to use the shroud and coffin together). They are sewn using a foot powered treadle sewing machine and all natural, recycled materials. I am so impressed with them and this idea, that I have directed in my last wishes to be buried in one of these - sans coffin. As a woodworker, I have grown increasingly biased against using beautiful wood to preserve my body. I would rather be decomposed quickly with only natural fibers surrounding me. Then plant an apple tree over my remains and let it find natural fertilizer from my body to produce new life and fruit for others to enjoy! Please contact Nancy from the phone number shown in the photo if you are interested. Price of the shroud shown is only $300. (not including tax and any shipping).

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